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Types of Knee Braces for Different Types of Knee Problems

When an individual needs to use some knee brace, it is mostly used to minimize pain, facilitate a speedy recovery for an injury, or else for protection. If your knees are strong, you don’t have any trouble straightening, flexing or bending them; the situation for people whose knees are not healthy is different though. For example, simple things such as, waking, kicking, running, and sitting is going to be difficult for someone who has injured his knee. People suffering from arthritis experience pain in their knees more than any other joint pain.

Knee braces are available in a variety of types and are particularly designed for different sorts of knee issues; for instance pain due to arthritis, injured kneecaps or torn ligaments.

Hinged.This is the type of braces that sports physicians along with orthopedic surgeons typically recommend for athletes suffering from ligament damage. They help protect a ligament once surgery is done in addition to keeping them steady. You should be wearing only this type of brace until the surgeon/physician says you can already take it off. This knee brace feature metal parts and are a good option for running, but not for most other sports.

Prophylactic. Such braces are normally employed to help keep your knees protected from injuries as you are taking on contact sports. It is intended to shield the uninjured knee and not supposed to be used on a regular basis. These braces are not costly and one can get them almost anywhere. According to studies, they really help reduce the statistics on yearly injuries due to contact sports and the study is not able to complement the braces usefulness.

Functional. This is the type of knee brace that is designed to assist people who have enduring injuries. People with medial collateral ligament (MCL), posterior cruciate ligament (PC), and Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) disorders. These braces happen to be durable as well as lightweight and are used to keep the knee steady and also to help in the rehabilitation of such afflicted ligaments.

Arthritic. These are the braces specially designed for people suffering from arthritis and are otherwise known unloader braces. The key function of the arthritic braces is to alleviate the pain and also provide stability. They also are able to minimize the chances of undergoing surgery. These braces are available in both rigid and soft versions. They are going to help bring down the excessive weight load on the damaged knee joint. There is as well the sleeve edition of arthritic brace that is going to provide warmth somewhere for faster healing as well as reduced pain.

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